Karen. Accommodation Manager, Lewes
“Katie’s workouts are always challenging and varied, and because of her encouraging manner, you want to give it your all – and somehow, through the sweat there is always a laugh nearby.”

Claire. Company Director, Lewes
“After only a few sessions with Katie, I have noticed a difference in many areas. I have lost weight and inches and my body is so much more toned and supple.”

Louise. Web Designer, Plumpton
“I started personal training sessions with Katie to help recover from a knee problem. I can honestly say that I’ve never worked so hard at the gym before; but at the same time the sessions are very varied, never boring and always great fun. Katie has a great personality and spending an hour in her company, even though she works you hard, is always fun.”

Vanessa. Midwife, Plumpton
“I thoroughly enjoyed all my sessions with Katie. She always made them fun and varied and completely tailored to meet my needs. She is a great motivator and always positive. Training with Katie felt like meeting up with a good friend each time. I really looked forward to my sessions and often they flew by because we talked so much! I did lots of new exercises which I never would have tried on my own. I feel a lot more confident in my body, my posture has improved and I feel so much stronger. 

Kathie. Jewellery Designer, Lewes
“Doing Katie’s class has made me feel better, brighter, fitter and less flabby, best of all because it’s outside, it beats going to the gym any day!”

Jo, Photographer, Lewes
“Katie is such a great example of what can be achieved with a high level of fitness and I feel much better toned and happier to show off my arms, legs and tummy after Katie’s  classes.  The circuits are always adapted to suit the weather, and as a result, I am able to keep up with my son during cross-country training!  Finally, I love my Monday night’s sleep after the Monday morning workout… it’s the deepest sleep of the week!”