Personal Training

Personal Training is all about you. Your needs, your goals, and how you want your body to look. So, if you are feeling fed up, want to tone up, feel fitter and love your shape, a personal training programme designed just for you is one of the best ways to get results.

I am a female personal trainer and I specialize in training women.  Understanding the areas that women want to focus on, Lewesfit ensures that you benefit from a workout tailored to your needs. With hard work and commitment from you, motivation and inspiration from me, and some laughs along the way, together we can make you look fabulous and feel great.

Using scientifically proven techniques and a broad range of activities including boxing/running/Tabata method/interval training/Pilates based moves/resistance equipment/bodyweight and many more, a programme is designed just for you to meet your goals. This programme will progress and develop as your fitness levels increase.

Most of you will have a weight loss goal of some degree. I work with you to find the exercises that you enjoy and work for you, whilst advising you how to tailor your diet to maximise results.

The key tools used to achieve this are:

  • Food Diary
  • Education
  • Knowledge
  • Goal Setting
  • Lots of motivation!

How it works:

It is crucial that you find a trainer who is right for you and who you feel comfortable with.  I offer a free, no obligation telephone consultation where we will discuss your motivation, needs and goals. Should you choose to go ahead, we will then schedule your first session where I can assess your basic fitness levels and take benchmark measurements.  From there I will design a bespoke programme that will progress you towards your goals in the most efficient and time focused way possible.